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In Havana we got to meet many talented creatives who opened their studio doors for us and introduced us to their art. In this set of pictures, we decided to feature some of these amazing artists by using them as our models; blogger Miguel Leyva, photographer Alejandra Glez and visual artist Gaby.

Daily Paper and Havana Club partnered up not only to create a limited-edition Capsule Collection, but to support young talent by providing the opportunity to create and execute the collaborative collection’s official campaign in Havana, Cuba. The contest winners have been able to work with and be inspired by local and international professionals from the industry alike’. (Daily Paper, 2019)

‘Following over 500 competition entries, three winners were selected based on their creative portfolios. The winner in the fashion design category, Rosemary Pitts from London, was responsible for creating new Daily Paper x Havana Club apparel pieces inspired by their experience in Cuba. She then worked alongside photographer Marie-Louise Hodge from Amsterdam on the campaign’s creative concept and art direction which Hodge was responsible for photographing. Shaka Lion, the winning musician, produced and curated a soundtrack for a documentary film shot over the week, taking people behind the scenes on the entire project’. (Highsnobiety, 2019)

Link to the project video teaser

Link to the project full video