Marie-Louise Hodge (1992) is an Amsterdam based photographer with roots in Suriname and Curaçao. Her work is at the intersection of documentary and fashion photography and focuses on themes as black culture, the colonial past and social inequality.

Cova da Moura – Dexa Mundo Papia
Her latest autonomous documentary project Cova da Moura – Dexa Mundo Papia (Let the world talk) – sheds light on the neighbourhood and community of Cova da Moura – a self built neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lisbon with a predominant population of migrants from the former Portuguese colonies which is in danger of being demolished. The project has been made over the course of 2 years, in which Hodge conducted interviews with the residents, photographed their lives and taught photography classes to children from the community.


Selected Clients & Publications
ELLE, Ambo|Anthos uitgevers, Daily Paper, Havana Club, Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Jan Magazine, de Groene Amsterdammer, Afrostyle Magazine, Bruut, Comfort Club, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Bijlmer & Meer, Stichting Zichtbaar, Sonder People, Stichting Going Social.


  • Mosaiko expo: From Necessity Comes Creativity, Oscam, Amsterdam (group) 9 September
  • Cova da Moura – Dexa Mundo Papa, Loja Dentu Zona, Cova da Moura, 26 August
  • Cova da Moura – Dexa Mundo Papia, Bar Bario, Amsterdam (solo), 28 June – 9 July
  • Resistance, Heesterveld 75, Amsterdam (group), 30 June  – 22 July
  • Cova da Moura – Dexa Mundo Papia, Keti Koti festival Haarlemmermeer, 1 July
  • Prospects by Mondriaanfonds, Art Rotterdam (group) 9 – 12 February

2021 – Recipient of the young talent grant (kunstenaar start) from Mondriaan Fund.
2019 – Winner of the young talent contest in the category photography from fashion brand Daily Paper and Havana Club