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We proudly present ‘A Seat at the Table’, a concept by Noukhey Forster and Marie-Louise Hodge. This photo series with a romantic vibe challenges you to take a seat and claim your seat at the table. The new table symbolizes connection, acceptance and standing and believing in your own strength.

‘A Seat at the Table’ analyses the space between spending free time and the measures imposed in response to the Coronavirus. Creative Director Noukhey Forster and Photographer Marie-Louise Hodge were inspired by this uncomfortable and bleak situation. The Amsterdam-based duo have therefore researched the possibilities of leisure activities during the Corona crisis. This resulted in a story with space for representation, emancipation, love, freedom, royalness and happiness.

The story takes you away from all the hectic, pain, injustice, noise, anxiety and fuss​ the big city holds. Noukhey states: “We live in difficult times where we find it necessary to sometimes create space to imagine ourselves in new thoughts, inspired by new possibilities.” He is fascinated by information, people and the busyness of the big city, but is also inspired by nature, cultures, royalty and new faces that represent today’s world. The mission and lifelong determination of OHIM has always been and will always be to represent black people and people of colour, not only now that we’re in a health and social crisis.

Marie-Louise shares this thought. Showing and representing people of colour is a primary focus in her work. It is a translation of herself and her surroundings which she shares with the world through photography. “People of colour are still not represented enough in mainstream media. Not only in the tv shows, commercials and magazines we see, but also regarding behind the scenes involvement. This project was created and executed by people from various backgrounds. It celebrates our culture, strength, creativity and beauty.”

The duo is very aware of the long way to go, but are also determined to contribute to a new world where Martin Luther King’s dream becomes the reality for all of us. Hopefully everyone dares to take a seat at the table, and if, not create their own.

Concept: OHIM Concepts & Marie-Louise Hodge

Photography: Marie-Louise Hodge

Styling + Creative Direction and set design: Noukhey Forster for OHIM

Models: Tony Bruneel, Laura Blom, Joanna Donau , Quinten Boodie

Hair Art: Golden Giraffe Beauty

Face Art: Magdalena

Production assistance: Ahisha Echteld

Set assistance: Nathifa Echteld & Isabella Hodge

Special thanks: Lait De Coco, Marionella Hanley & OSSO